A Collection of Riversedge Racing Stables Videos

Created by Rick Castiglione - Cielo Pictures Inc.

Another Lovely Song

Another Lovely Song is an amazing Momma and continues to bring beautiful foals into the world and the stables of Riversedge.

Here's a foal, we named The Breeze, being born in 2011.

Getting Started

Okay, so you've made your grand entrance into the world - now what?

Well let's try putting a halter on (baby sized) and maybe a first visit to the indoor arena! 

A Spring Day at Riversedge

Spring is an amazing time of teh year at Riversedge Racing Stables. The snow is melting.

The babies are being born.

Margi has the spring planting started in the greenhouse and at the stables you can feel the energy and anticipation of another racing season approaching.